Sweats & Balances provides an open and supportive system to empower women to be their most healthy, balanced, and successful selves. Sweats & Balances connects like-minded women to enable networking, workouts, and friendship. We know everything for the modern woman is balance – work, life, fitness, health.

The Sweats & Balances woman loves:

  • Having, and fostering a successful career that can break the ever-present glass ceiling.
  • Her friends, family and significant others.
  • A great workout, but also a glass (or two) of wine and/or a plate of fries after.
  • Meeting, interacting with, and supporting other strong, driven women.

If this sounds like you, we welcome you to be a part of our community. If you come along with us on this journey, we promise to support you in being your healthiest, happiest, and most successful self. We will challenge you in all aspects of your day-to-day – [fitness], [career], [health (food/restaurants)], [finances (401k, etc.)] and [fun (misc. – beauty, fashion)]. 

 In return, we simply ask that

  • You’re in it. If you’re in our collective, you are pledging yourself to be present and available to your fellow [insert name] women.
  • You build the network with new women that will strengthen our group and support our mission and each other.
  • You spread the word – your network, your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, your employer should be supportive of our female empowerment mission.
  • You truly believe that a balanced lifestyle is key!