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Tulum Yoga Retreat

Sarah HarmsComment
Tulum Yoga Retreat

Still recovering from Thanksgiving gluttony, last Sunday, Janie and I headed down to Tulum for a week-long Yoga retreat with our favorite yoga instructor, Serena Tom - @Serena.Tom. It was the first wellness retreat for both of us. We went in with high expectations, and our expectations of the retreat, but also of ourselves, were more than exceeded. Here is a run-down of the deets.

Where: Tulum Mexico @ Amansala Eco Chic Resort

When: Nov 27 - Dec 2

The workouts:

  • Morning Fitness from 8-9am
  • Athletic Flow Yoga from 9-10:30am
  • Afternoon Yoga Workshops - Arm Balances, Headstands, Backbends, and Handstands - 4:30-6:30

Serena teaches at a variety of Equinox locations and is amazing - go take her class!!

The food: Fresh, low sodium/sugar/calorie meals focused on fresh ingredients from the Tulum area. 

The activities:

  • Meditation and Journaling - self-reflection
  • Beach!! We had afternoons free so there was a lot of unplugging, unwinding, and sunbathing
  • Snorkeling at the Grand Senote - highly recommend for anyone in Tulum
  • Mayan Healing Massage - hour and a half of heaven
  • Dinner and night out at Gitano and Papaya Playa Project

Deciding to go on this retreat represented a selfish decision to take a full week off of work to rest, relax, and improve our yoga practice. As S&B Women, we are always multi-tasking and over-doing it, which can lead to a burn out. It is important to take time for yourself - whether it’s an hour or a full week. Wellness is all about balance, and a week away from Tulum was the perfect way for us to balance. 

At S&B, we are going to keep our eyes peeled for other retreats - do any of you have any recommendations??