The Balancing Act with Marguerite Adzick

The Balancing Act with Marguerite Adzick

Philadelphia-based entrepreneur, Marguerite Adzick founded Addison Bay, a multi-brand active fashion company curating the best assortment of fashion forward activewear in one place. Marguerite launched Addison Bay after her passion for fitness as a collegiate athlete merged with her successful career in the fashion industry. Recognizing a need in the industry for a single, quality platform with high-function and stylish activewear, Addison Bay took shape. Marguerite is a prime example of a busy woman on the go, so we got to know more about how she balances it all.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Marguerite and I'm from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I attended the University of Virginia, where I played Division I lacrosse. After graduating, I worked in the fashion industry for 6 years, gaining an understanding of how a fashion company is built and functions. Recognizing a need in the industry for a single, quality platform with high-function and stylish activewear, Addison Bay took shape. As a busy woman on the go, I wanted to develop a one-stop space where activewear went beyond just the time spent at the gym, where fashion-forward didn’t mean less function and looking good is feeling good. The guiding principles of our brand strategy are confidence building, inspiring, and accessibility for all.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance for me is being the best mom and wife when I'm at home and being the best CEO & Founder of a company when I'm at work. I try to be very present in both places, rather than split between the two, and it helps to provide me some semblance of balance.

What three things define balance for you and how do you achieve them?

Family, fitness, and sleep (health) all define balance for me. Family is my everything, absolute #1, and where I spend the majority of my 'balance' time. Time with my husband and daughter is so well spent and definitely makes me a more relaxed and happier person. Fitness and sleep are equally important in helping me find balance in my busy schedule. Fitness literally makes me a happier and more friendly person - endorphins are so real. Sleep is definitely something that I need to fit into my daily schedule - I am totally off without 7 hours of sleep. Wine is also a good way to find balance for me.

What advice do you have for someone struggling to find work/life balance?

Set boundaries! I set clear time restrictions of when I can be at the office during the day to force myself to get home at a reasonable time and spend quality time with my daughter. It's really easy to get caught up in the importance of what you're doing at work, but if you're able to put the work down and spend some time for yourself, it typically helps you come back with a more clear mind.

Do you have any go-to resources or rituals that help you find balance?

People - I am so lucky to have the best family & friends! I have go-to people in my life that help me find balance and make me feel like the best version of myself.

Now let’s have some fun, what are some random things we don’t know about you?

I started Addison Bay when I was pregnant with my daughter and resigned from a job that I absolutely loved when I was six months pregnant to start Addison Bay! Who does that?! Craziest & best decision of my life!

I was the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles Fan of the Year and I got to go to the Superbowl for free (I was 15!).

I'm the baby of four and my oldest brother is 14 years older than me.

To learn more about Marguerite and Addison Bay visit the Addison Bay Website to shop and follow @addisonbay and @madzick23 on Instagram.