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The Balancing Act with Gaby Viscomi

Gaby ViscomiComment
The Balancing Act with Gaby Viscomi

Welcome to the Sweats & Balances Blog - The Balancing Act. Here, we will be featuring #goals women and their answer to the simple, but complicated question - What does Balance mean to you?

Next up, we are featuring Gaby Viscomi a foodie and fitness lover finding balance and new adventures in NYC. You can meet her at our June 13th event at Hub Seventeen where you can sample some of her DELICIOUS, yet healthy treats!

BALANCE…for a word with 7 letters, it’s quite a complicated one. I’ve struggled with balance all my life. It’s constantly changing and therefore, there has no finish line. To me, balance is multi-faceted and includes health, career and social life. While after 26 years, I may be getting the hang of it, I don’t think there is ever such thing as finding the perfect balance and there is no “magic bullet”, but isn’t that the beauty of it? Here is how I find balance:

Health: Let go of rules and listen to your body.

Sure, I eat healthy, fuel my body with whole foods, eat healthy fats, limit sugar, etc., but there is more to this than just healthy eating. As someone who has formerly struggled with an eating disorder, I don’t like rules around food. A health coach telling you that there are no rules on what you should or should not eat? You got that right! To me, balance is learning how to fuel your body properly and give it what it wants when it wants. Sometimes that’s salads, veggies and lean proteins while other times that may mean a cookie, and if you don’t eat the damn cookie when your body is telling you to do so, then that may mean a lack of balance. There are a million other factors that go into this, but the root of it is, letting go of rules and find food freedom by learning about your body’s needs.

Career: Don’t let your passions fall to the wayside.

My passion is helping others find an unrestrictive lifestyle through Gaby Diamond Health Coaching. I want to share my knowledge of food freedom, recovery, creative meal planning and balance with others, and while this is not my full-time job yet, I won’t let my side hustle be just that—a side hustle. Is there something you are passionate about outside of work? Don’t let any excuses stop you – go for it! The girls at Sweats & Balances are an inspiration to all of us. Day in and day out they work to create a fitness community in NYC, outside of their 9-5 (ha, probably way more hours that that) jobs, and nothing is stopping these girls!

Social: Say YES, but also learn to say NO.

Does that make sense? Let me explain. When I first moved to New York City fresh out of college I wanted nothing more than to make new friends. I started my job at a big four Accounting firm, met amazing people, woke up early every morning to work out, worked long hours, then went out with these friends almost every single night. It was crazy fun, but also crazy stressful on my body. Eventually, I crashed. I went through a 2-month period where my body was in a complete state of exhaustion. I will never regret that period, because it brought me close to my now BFFs (who ironically are just like me and mostly enjoy cozy nights in during the week), but now, I honor my schedule and know my boundaries. If there are nights where you know you need some self-love – shut off your phone and give it to yourself. On the other hand, push yourself to join in new experiences, make time for new and old friends and set aside time to forget any obligations and laugh with others.


About Gaby

Gaby is a 26-year-old foodie and fitness lover living in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and puppy, Crosby. Gaby’s health journey began through recovery from an eating disorder where she not only learned the art of listening and fueling your body, but more importantly, how to take control of your life and live again! Her philosophy with food is that there is no perfect diet. Everyone is truly unique and on their own journey. Through her health coach company, Gaby Diamond Health Coaching, she is on a mission to share her knowledge with others and help them find a balanced lifestyle unique to them.