S&B co-founders Madelaine O’Connell, Janie Gaughan and Sarah Warner all share a serious passion for working out. Janie and Sarah both work in the digital advertising industry and met in 2011 where they became fast friends and workout partners. The duo later befriended Madelaine while taking her class at the Bari studio. 


Janie, Sarah, and Madelaine know that there are plenty of other ambitious women out there who love (and need) a good sweat. S&B was born to connect them and provide access to great workouts and new perspectives on balancing fitness, work, and life!




Madelaine is originally from Long Island, but has lived in NYC since graduating from Boston College with a degree in Finance and Marketing. She currently works at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division. You can also find her at Bandier - Studio b where she is a trainer for Megan Roup. She previously was a trainer at the Bari Studio for four years and has taught classes throughout NYC and the Hamptons!



Sarah is from the Philadelphia suburbs and has lived in NYC since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010. Sarah works in advertising at GroupM. You can find her at industry events, brunching and on her couch watching Netflix!                



Janie is from Scranton, PA.  She studied Communications and Marketing at the University of Loyola in Baltimore, MD and moved to NYC right after college in 2011. Janie works in the digital advertising industry at Xaxis. She loves exploring new restaurants and neighborhoods around NYC and traveling anywhere and everywhere!